BoycottAdvance is a free and portable emulator for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance handheld.
An emulator is a piece of software reproducing the innerworkings of a computer or a console on another computer or console.

BoycottAdvance is available on Windows, Macintosh, BeOS, Linux, FreeBSD and there is even a Java port, playable online.

Now, you can try demos and play games originally designed for the Gameboy Advance console on your own computer!
Use this emulator with your own ROMs or video games. Using emulators with ROMs you do not own is illegal...

B its of news! :: 19/05/2006
    Just to inform you that I am working on several projects in my very very little spare time that are related to BoycottAdvance:
    - I restarted from scratch a Java version of BoycottAdvance. As I usually develop things faster in Java, all bug fixes will be incorporated back into BoycottAdvance Windows.
    - I started a very preliminary Nintendo DS emulator (BoycottDS). Do not expect anything as for now, there is a lot of work to do first...
    - I added two missing ARM opcodes to run the "CPU Test rom by DeadBody (PD)" that will go into the Official Windows release soon.
    - I have plans on static or dynamic recompilation GBA emulation (I will see how it goes).

    I hope to post more news asap.

P oll results finally! :: 10/03/2005
    I think the poll has been running for enough time now.
    It is time to see the results and see what people want next in the BoycottAdvance emulator.
    So here are the results. Dual-link play emulation anyone? :)

Poll results

B oycottAdvance 0.2.8 is here! :: 05/16/2003
    Here is a special release to celebrate the second movie of the Matrix trilogy: The Matrix Reloaded.

    - (WIN32) Added skip intro hacks option (Gollum)
    - Fixes intro hacks when reloading a rom (Gollum)
    - Improved sound quality by rewriting mixing engine (Gollum)
    - Added a skip intro hacks option (you can combine it with skip BIOS option) (Gollum)
    - Fixed a huge bug for LDM opcodes [Golden Sun 2/Dragon Ball Z] (Gollum)
    - A few optimizations for Thumb CPU (Gollum)
    - Added BIOS call 1F [Metroid Fusion] (Gollum)

    Download BoycottAdvance 0.2.8 HERE

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