BoycottAdvance is a free and portable emulator for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance handheld.
An emulator is a piece of software reproducing the innerworkings of a computer or a console on another computer or console.

BoycottAdvance is available on Windows, Macintosh, BeOS, Linux, FreeBSD and there is even a Java port, playable online.

Now, you can try demos and play games originally designed for the Gameboy Advance console on your own computer!
Use this emulator with your own ROMs or video games. Using emulators with ROMs you do not own is illegal...

If you want to support my work on BoycottAdvance and all my other projects, you can buy me a nice gift.
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Thanks in advance for your support and thanks to the 500+ registered people from the past, especially Ghim for his SNES console.

Windows Versions
BoycottAdvance 0.2.8
BoycottAdvance 0.2.7
BoycottAdvance 0.2.7 French Translation
BoycottAdvance 0.2.7 Chinese (Traditional) Translation
BoycottAdvance 0.2.7 Italian Translation
BoycottAdvance 0.2.7 Brazilian Portuguese Translation
BoycottAdvance 0.2.7 Spanish Translation
BoycottAdvance 0.2.7 Japanese Translation
BoycottAdvance 0.2.7 Chinese (Simplified) Translation

Macintosh Versions
BoycottAdvance/MacOS 0.2.7
BoycottAdvance/MacOS 0.2.7 Japanese Translation

Linux/FreeBSD/BeOS Versions
BoycottAdvance 0.2.6

If you want to translate BoycottAdvance in your own language, please use either Microsoft Visual Studio or Hacker Resource Editor to manually edit all texts of the emulator user interface. Then, just send me an email with the new executable and I will post it on this download page.

Copyright (c) 2001-2005 Julien 'Gollum' Frelat
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Gameboy, Gameboy Advance are registered trademarks of Nintendo. This software is for educational purposes only. Please do not ask for ROMs.